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16 Sep 2021 07:32

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A trusted app development company should have all the mandatory development tools that meet modern market requirements. At theAD, we are certain that the future belongs to mobile phones, and the success of our customers proves this.

Our team has a lot more than five years of experience in full-cycle development. We pay attention to detail at every stage of the implementation of your idea.

We strive to create customized mobile applications that will take real value to your organization and have experience in developing applications for various market segments. At theAD, we are pleased with our work, when our project is completed, you want to show it to ensure that you will see what we are capable of.

Selecting a reliable app development Sydney in the mobile development market is challenging as you will find so many app developing companies with low prices and reasonable offers. However, the criteria such as for example price and experience can play an essential role in choosing a contractor.

We want to draw your attention to three components that we will look after when implementing a project.

A non-disclosure agreement protects your ideas.
Before embarking on a project, the working document contains unique ideas and valuable commercial information of financial and business processes. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our partners to prevent the leakage of any confidential information.

Protect against hacking and malicious attacks.
The most valuable components of an item are the info within the databases and the source code on the server-side. We hash user data utilizing the SHA256 algorithm in each product, and the SSL certificate ensures a protected client-server connection. The servers that we are putting into operation are configured for two-factor biometric protection.app development company

We will prepare the site and make a spectacular launch.
The synergy of such components as marketing reputation, inspirational review, attractive images can give your application a top position in the store. We take projects to guide, deliver updates, fix bugs, guarantee, and provide technical support to the end-user if required.

Project management of any complexity.
Designing a credit card applicatoin requires complex planning and effort, the best quality design, a definite understanding of goals and the newest technology. TheAD app development company defines the processes for creating projects of varying complexity, both cross-platform and native applications.

Mobile applications
We create turnkey mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We proceed through all stages of creating a mobile application - from idea to implementation and support.

We've done a lot. Our specialization is high-quality services and applications for demanding tasks and start-up adventures. We implement applications from scratch that amaze with the speed of work and simple use.

Choosing an application development company is like hiring a lawyer. The success of the case depends upon his professionalism. Still, want to save lots of money? 1000s of users should download your apps - and you should generate income. Why else are we doing all of this?

Server-side and API (back-end)
The intelligence of your project, working without interruption, serving a large number of client requests and needs every minute.

We design databases, think within the server-side, implement secure systems for high-load projects: social support systems, analytical approaches, geolocation services and much more.

Technical support three months free
Have a credit card applicatoin or web service, have a server been created? It doesn't matter if you had been our client at the stage of product creation or came for support now. We will help with updates and fixes. Your project will always be up-to-date and meet market standards, and the developers will promptly respond to bugs and user requests. At the client's request, we place the project on high-speed and reliable servers in app development Sydney or on the basis of the client's hardware.

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